Sailith Diahasian

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Sailith Diahasian

Post by Sailith on Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:27 pm

Hello! I am everybody's favorite Sassy Tank!
You can call me Sensei!

I am one of the senior leadership for the FC.
My Warrior is my main but I also sport the Dragoon and Scholar!

I am always up for helping people with a new dungeon or raid and showing them the ropes.
I love doing raids and I don't mind helping new people with them. The wipes are learning experiences, for both the new and old.
I am not much of a gather or crafter but I know the need of it. I can help in some ways with that but Koko may be your best avenue there.
If I can make you some food or some gear ill do the best I can! Very Happy

Outside of the game I have always been a gamer. I have played a couple other MMO's most notable Eve Online and Tera.
Before that all my gaming roots are based in FPS (CS:S) and RTS (StarCraft mainly). Always a PC gamer, never much of a console gamer.
I am a nerd in ever sense other than that.

Hope to see you around in game!

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Re: Sailith Diahasian

Post by Zesher on Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:46 pm

Get an avatar you noob

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